I Hate This Fly

The Copper John…as much as I hate to admit it the copper john catches fish.  I don’t even know why I hate it…maybe because it doesn’t look like a real bug. Maybe I hate the fly because I had a few bad days with it while everyone else seemed to keep saying, “Just throw a Copper John on, red size 16,” as they released fish after fish into the stream.  For whatever reason it is usually the last fly I tie onto my tippit and usually only when I am getting desperate.  But as much as I hate to admit it.  The Copper John Catches fish.  Good thing I don’t mind tying them.  I was having a real rough day in Maine this year.  In fact everyone else was throwing caddis dry flies at landlocked salmon.  I just didn’t feel like doing it, plus my nymphing game needed some work…a lackadaisical effort earlier that day cost me some real nice Brook Trout.  So I found a little ripple and tied on a pheasant tail with a pink copper john dropper of all things.  I mumbled to myself, “these landlocks will eat anything that looks ridiculous”.  Cast after cast, bouncing off the bottom, on the lift I received take after take and to my surprise most of them were Brookies. Bump the copper john up on the roster or even take it off the bench and put it in the game and you will catch more fish.

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