Knot Cheat sheet.

Part of this blogs goal is to provide you with useful information, especially since we are usually found encouraging all kinds of people to drop the spinners and pick up a fly rod.  This strategy is no good, because it severely ups the pressure on many of our good streams. But we can’t help it.  We love fly fishing.  It is good for our souls.  It makes us better human beings.  Jesus was most likely a fly-fisherman as well as all his disciples and no doubt there are streams in heaven…where I dream of hooking up with 40+ inch Brook Trout, deep in color and spots, with worm marking on their backs that tell the stories of heaven’s streams.  When I release these fish the disciple John is always asking me what fly to use and Moses is always like, “yeah boy, my man can fish!” I have weird dreams.

Anyway here is a knot cheat sheet.  Bust out some cheap tippit and get to practicing!
Click the the link bellow to get to the big version!

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