Starter Gear

Get started with this gear.

Rod– 5 weight – 9ft (4 piece if you plan on traveling with it someday.)
Reel- Match the size to the rod.  (5-6 weight for a 5weight rod.)
Note: If you are buying a higher end lightweight rod, look for a lighter reel to help balance the rod.
Note: Buy an Outfit to get it all in one shot, including…

Fly Line – Double Tapered (DT) or Weight Forward Floating (WWF). Match the line weight to the rod weight.

Tapered Leaders – 7.5ft or 9ft (in 5X or 6X for PA fishing.)
Note: The lower the # before the X the heavier the test.
Note: If you are just learning start with the shorter length which will be easier to cast.  9 foot leaders will be needed for wary fish and deeper water.

Tippet –  The line strength goes up as the Xs go down.  6x tippet may be around 3lb test. 5x tippet is heavier.  For Pa streams and creeks you want to be using 5x and 6x tippet.  Buy a spool of each.
Note:  The best tippet for the value is Rio Powerflex.
Note: Tippet is tied onto your tapered leader and between flies if using a dropper set up.

Indicators – they indicate a strike and attach to your tapered leader 
Note: The smaller the indicator the easier to cast (esp. in wind) and the more likely it will be to pick up light takes.  
Weights – Use non-toxic weights.  Buy various sizes.
Flies – The options are endless, more on this later. Local fly shops will help you get started with the basic flies you need for regional streams.

Stocking-foot Waders – Make sure they fit appropriately
Wading Belt – It will keep you from drowning so spend the extra 9 dollars.
Wading boots – Felt sole boots may be illegal in the next couple of years.
Net – It is safer for the fish and easier on you…kind of a no brainier.
Vest/Sling or Pack – store all of you flies and gear.
Nippers – They all suck and none of them last so I most often use nail clippers.
Hemostats/Forceps – Remove Hooks and save flies.

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