Anyone Can Fly Fish.

Yesterday my oldest daughter landed her first fish on a fly rod.  It was a bluegill that she caught while “trying” her first casts with a fly rod.  As the hopper fly buzzed back behind us and then looped forward dropping nicely with a presentation that would have landed any wary trout on the right water she said to me, “Dad this is easy.” She is 6.  It was her first time ever holding a fly rod.

A lot of people would love to fly fish, but are too intimidated to give it a go.  The gear looks complex, the leader and tippet choices are confusing and the amount of flies available are endless.  Not to mention the casting looks like a challenge.  For whatever reason people back away from the fly rod because it seems too hard.  They don’t fish even though they would like too, or they stick to the comfortable spinning rod set ups afraid to break away even though it looks like fun and in all but a few situations is likely more productive. 

You can fly fish and we can help get you started.  

Below is the video of a friend’s son.  His name is Caden and it was his first time fly fishing.

Enjoy!  Nice work kids!

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