Expensive VS Cheap Rods

I feel the easiest way to compare expensive to cheap fly rods is by cars or shot guns. There are high priced vehicles that have luxuries that lower priced cars do not have, but they both serve the same purpose in getting the driver from point A to B. Same goes for a shot gun, really there are a lot of choices out there, its easy to pay over $1000 or as low as $150 for a shotgun that literally does the same thing. There is no question every fly rod will get the job done as long as you are using the correct weight for the type of fish you are targeting and water you are fishing. I am sure most will agree that casting a rod that is just over 2oz would be a better experience than casting a heavier rod. There are many people out there that will tell you that you cannot feel the difference between cheap and expensive. I have to disagree with this statement. I personally have tried them all, and what I can tell you is that yes a high end rod does make the the experience more enjoyable but its not necessary. Most will agree that one great positive to buying premium fly rods is that many of the companies offer life time warranties for their products. My best advise to any angler looking to buy a new fly rod whether it is a $50 combo or a $700 rod is to get to a dealer and pick up the rod and cast it. People are different, what I may love the next guy may despise, that is why it is important to get hands on experience with the product before you make the purchase.

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