The Real Deal

I know the guy wearing the pretty tan button down shirt who works at your local fly shop told you to throw “anything olive” at the fish you are going for but there is one problem, they may take anything olive but they are eating something far more specific. They are eating some real, living bug that doesn’t have a hook in the middle of it.
Note: See the above wad of caddis larva being puked up by the fish.  

See, the fish may TAKE anything olive (especially when its at the end of a good drift), but its not what they are eating.  The closer you get to what they are eating the more consistently you will hook up.  When you get really close…well that is when you start to put on a show.  You have entered the 10% zone. (It is said that 10% of people catch 90% of the fish on a stream.)

Catch more fish by tying on a fly that is as close to the real thing as possible.  Know what bugs inhabit the stream and find out what the fish are keyed in on.  Then you can begin pulling flies out of your fly box that are as close to the living bug as you can get.  Better yet sit down at the vise and tie some flies. Experiment! Tie variations, use different materials create something as close to the real thing as you can.  You will catch a lot more fish.

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