The Zebra Midge

The Zebra Midge

If there is any fly that will convince you to start tying it is this one.  I once calculated the cost for me to tie it: 13 cents.  At the time it was selling at the local retail fly shop for $2.00.  
They were stocking it in one color and one size: Brown size 20.
I needed it in Red, Black and Olive and sizes 22 and 24.

To tie it you:
Stick a bead on a small curved nymph hook.
Tie in some small silver rib.
Wrap the hook with the color thread you want (70 denier).
Taper the thread toward bead.
Wrap the silver rib.
Whip Finish.
BOOM – you just saved yourself $1.70
Tie a bunch and tell your significant other you saved enough money for a new rod.

This is a great fly on the Tulpehocken Creek in PA. Fish it on the top and bottom of a nymph rig and vary the colors!

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