What Type of Fisherman Are You?

Are you a numbers person, the more fish the better? Maybe just someone that needs to escape for a few hours and make a couple drifts and could care less if you have a single strike. Do you fish just to hang out with family/friends? Is it a big trout that gets your adrenaline flowing? Yes, the perfect combination is all four of the above but that is not always achievable. I have had a single fish make my day but overall I really just love being out there casting a line with a couple of friends.  I do live for the feeling of a big fish sluggishly shake its head when you first set the hook or the first kerplunk when it reaches the surface to try to spit the hook, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to enjoy the true pleasures of fishing, enjoy being out there whether you are catching fish or not. What type of fisherman are you?

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