Happy Birthday Caleb R. Ott

Its our namesake’s birthday.  Although he isn’t here with us we are certain he is celebrating his day with a hefty 8wt, casting bombs and landing monsters on that big river in the sky.  (Click here to know a little more about it.) Leave a few of those for us little brother, someday we will be moving in on your spots.

Above is CRO Flies co-founder Luke Ott fishing with his best fishing buddy Caleb R. Ott on what we call the foam hole on one of our favorite rivers in Maine.  During some flood level conditions this year Luke and I found this to be an extremely productive spot as emerging mayflies and caddis were getting stuck in the dense foam created in back current by the high water.  Standing almost exactly where Caleb and Luke are standing two days which should have been a bust ended up being extremely productive.  Its a good reminder to pay attention to the fish and bugs.  Observe!.  This opportunity was almost missed.  Interestingly enough a huge crow was playing on the opposite bank most of the morning.  I may be crazy but in my mind this hole is a little closer to heaven than anywhere I have been.  
Thanks Caleb for all of the memories.  We hold onto them and carry them to every piece of water we step or fall into.  Oh yeah:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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