Size 26 Tricos… YAWN! Salmon and Steel Head!

Fishing for trout is really fun but salmon and steel head are definitely in a totally different category of “fun”. The time for the fall run is quickly approaching and there are a few things that you should keep in mind in preparing for your fishing adventure. First, avoid the weekends if possible, sometimes I believe there are more people than fish and we all know that is not fun. Second, plan for more than one day of fishing, often you may find that special spot or get some local insight if you spend some time looking and trying new areas. Third, look into a one day guided trip, find out what the guide recommends, where he fishes, and what flies he tells you to use and use that information for future do it yourself fishing trips. You can learn a ton of info fishing with a guide in just one day, it will be valuable in the future and you will be able to use that info year after year. Last, have fun, there is nothing like feeling of that head shake of a 20lb plus fish so keep that in mind as you make cast after

cast, trust me its worth it.

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