Streamer Knot. (Add some wiggle!)

Here is a new knot that will allow you to get the most out of those ridiculously tied articulated streamers (or any streamer for that matter) that you have in your box.  These flies were made to provide a lot of action on the tip of your tippet, so it just makes sense to use a knot that stimulates this movement instead of restricting it.  After all, it either cost you more than any fly should cost or you spent an insane amount of time trying to get the back stinger hook tied on and covered up just right.  The sweat on your vise is an indication that you should try to get the most out of this hunk of feathers before you loose it in a tree.  Yeah I said tree.  I suck at casting streamers.
Here is a Streamer Non-Slip Loop Knot Cheat Sheet. 
(ps.  Don’t use this knot for any other kind of fly-fishing.)

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