Erie Steelhead

2 years ago I had an amazing time catching the Erie Steelhead as pictured, a year prior 4 of us caught slightly under 100 of these amazing fighting fish in just one day. Hands down, best day of fishing I have ever had in my life. I was using a 8’6″  5 wt which was enough but I definately felt the pain! I would reccomend a 9′ 6 wt. Depending on when you intend on catching these amazing fish, if it is early October/November or Febuary/March there are definately different methods. These fresh fish of the lake are crazy and super fun! You should have no problem catching these fish on a shiner pattern or an egg pattern. Febuary, when the water is still very cold, look at throwing an egg pattern in orange and a dropper pattern in chartrose. When March rolls around and the water is starting to get warm and the Steelhead get agressive and the egg patterns do not work, try a shiner pattern. Oh yeah 4X leader, yeah that small, unless you don’t think they’ll see it.

 PS I plan to post some awesome pics from  this year!

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