Happy Birthday Bobby

We would like to wish our CRO Fly Team member Bobby Wolfgang a very happy birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bobby “The Fish Whisperer” Wolfgang.

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  1. One time I fished with Bobby W at State College. He forgot his rod so he broke an antenna off of his truck, lured in red-tailed hawk, stole a claw from it. He then attached the claw to a string from a button on his pants. He attached the string to the antenna and put the claw on the string. He then took some lint from his sock and dubbed the makeshift hook. He then proceeded to lay out a 40 foot cast and ran a perfect drift into the upper lip of a 22" native palomino. We stood in aw as he netted it in the hood of my sweatshirt. Here's to you bobby, I will never forget that day. Happy birthday!

  2. Bobby is a great guy he would give you the fly off his tippet. If you ever get the chance to fish with Bobby don't miss it. Seriously he is a great guy and friend. Happy birthday bud.

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