Natural Pursuit Outdoors Partnership

I’ll be honest.  When Tyler Frantz told me about his outdoor start-up company it just made sense   Tyler is an avid outdoors-man and he doesn’t just love all things outdoors he lives all things outdoors.  As Tyler told me about his dream for Natural Pursuit Outdoors (follow the link on the left of this page), the passion just pored out of him.  Here is a guy who doesn’t just do it, but he does it right.  He respects the land, people and game all associated with being a huntsman and fisherman.  He is an educator and freely shares his passion with all lucky enough to meet his acquaintance.  What’s even more incredible is that his vision for Natural Pursuit Outdoors is much like ours for CRO Flies.  We are both advocates for our sport, the environment that surrounds us and the game we chase.  If you are an outdoors-man you are going to want to check our his website, and read the articles on his blog.  Tyler’s info will add to your outdoor experience every time.  If you are lucky enough to get the Lebanon News look for his columns in the outdoor/sports section.  We are so proud and honored to connect CRO Flies to Natural Pursuit Outdoors and we look forward to many adventures whether wet or dry with Tyler.

Also check out Testy – Tyler’s incredible New York Brown caught and released in New York on our Hog Johnson’s Family page. Anyone who can wrangle a brown like that is right at home with CRO Flies.

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