Nymph Fly ID Cheat Sheet

Here is a conversation I have with my father a lot:

*As I am landing a fish.
Dad: What did you catch it on?
Me: A hares ear size 16 with a bead head and flash back.
Dad: OK 
*After a few minutes of fiddling through a fly box.
Dad: What’s it look like?
Me:  Its a lighter,  bunny colored nymph with a tail, gold rib, no wings or legs and shinny strand of flash over the thorax.
*Dad shuffles around a little while longer.
Dad: Found one.
*After a couple more fishless minutes.
Dad: Can you make sure this is the right fly.
Me: Dad that’s a:_____________ (any other fly than a hares ear.)

It is tough for some people to remember which fly is which, especially if they have a large variety of flies, go through a lot of flies, don’t get out a lot, are new to fly-fishing or just have a terrible memory.  
We will be posting some Fly Identification cheat sheets based on Bobby’s post called: Must Have Flies in the Fly Box.

Here is the first cheat sheet to help you know the essential nymphs.

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