Your Must Read BigFoot Story

 As Many of you know we like to go Squatchin’.  In fact some of the CRO Flies Team may even claim to have encountered fish while looking for the always elusive Sasquatch.  

Bellow is a link to one of the most incredible Squatch encounters we have ever heard
(This still gives Luke chills when we are out casting at night.)

Follow the link for the whole story but here is a excerpt for you to wet your appetite.

This is a completely real story (for the guy telling it.) You decide for yourself if you believe in Big Foot.

Seriously – take this story very seriously – we are serious.


The BigFoot Field Researchers Organization
Report # 7382  (Class A)Submitted by witness on Thursday, November 13, 2003

“we quickly climbed down the bank and began casting. Travis was located 50 feet below me behind a large bush when I heard a loud splash from his direction. Thinking he must have fallen in I yelled to see if he was alright when to my surprise we were face-to- face and he was yelling for me to run..”


Oh yeah and also this….

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