Fly Fishing Culture and The Blogosphere

The cool thing about bloggers is…they read other blogs.  This is true for a lot of industries: blogging provides an underground flow of information that helps define and convey the culture of that industry.  We are the peddlers of fly fishing who pass on the art, beauty,  gear, information, and everything else that makes up the evolving culture of fly fishing.   

            Make no mistake about it: with every cast, with every purchase, with every post and with every wrap of a bobbin this new generation of fly guys and gals are redefining and changing the culture of fly fishing into something new, something that is ours.  With any kind of work at all the average fly-fishing blog brings in more views a day than most fly shops have customers.  Don’t get me wrong most of us make zero dollars on the whole deal.  We may get some gear to review from time to time or we may experience the joy of helping someone fall in love with something we are in love with.  Mostly we do it because we are junkies who love to share and pass on what others have passed on to us.

This is why I promote other sites on this blog.  It is why I re-tweet other bloggers, and push traffic around the world wide web to sites that I think are cool and informational and defining the new culture of fly country.  Inevitably someone will leave the CRO because we led them to something that connects with their specific passion on a more direct level.  When that happens, I’ll count it as a win, because our culture can only benefit from a connection like that.

It all started when The Castaway Fly Fishing Shop sold me a loop jacket online through ebay. I ordered the wrong size and they were incredibly helpful making sure I had exactly what I needed.  Naturally I found their blog and frequent it often. 

The below video is a must watch.  This fly fishing fail is hysterical.  You can find their post which gives a good description at

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