Polarized Sunglasses Test

Someone once said that you get what you pay for.  To some extent this is true about polarized sunglasses.  I only have one problem…I drop way to may pairs of sunglasses,so what “I pay for” often is floating down current to a wet grave or to be found downstream by some other dude who excitedly yells to his buddy, “Hey I just found a pair of sunglasses.”  Shut your face dude. Those were mine.

I buy a lot of sunglasses.  My wife doesn’t think I can go anywhere without picking up a pair.  She thinks I have drawers full of them somewhere in the house.  I don’t, because I lose them, break them all the time…or maybe little freaking elfs are boosting my junk while I sleep.  So on a recent trip to WallyWorld I made a brief stop in the fishing gear section and grabbed 2 pairs of Berkley sunglasses for 5 bucks a pop. Yeah that’s right mister man, the next pair of glasses you find downstream of me are going to be cheap and I am not going to care one bit if you are wearing them behind my back.
They look fine and work better than most other cheaper pair of sunglasses you can find with a polarized sticker on them.  You know how you can test polarized sunglasses?

You don’t?  Well you are about to.

Next time you are picking some out find an area where the sun is glaring and hold your arm out so you are looking at the back side of your hand. Then slap yourself.  Just kidding, don’t slap yourself.  The back of your hand carries a little glimmer or shine as a result of your skin’s oil.  If you just washed your hands this won’t work.  Find a shinny part of your hand and then slide the glasses on and the back of your hand will carry no glimmer or shine at all.  It will look dry and soft.  The polarized glasses work.
Congrats now go loose your Oakleys or Costas upstream of me somewhere so I can upgrade.

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