Pulaski Matt (some dude I don’t know)

This guy named Matt came around a corner yesterday afternoon on the Salmon River.  A dog was very excited and barking over and over as Matt played the fish through some difficult and fast water. I got my line out of the way as his buddy prepared to net the fish not far from me.  
They asked me to hold the dog.  
I was grateful for something to do as the fish in this particular hole weren’t cooperating.
Flipped on the camera.

I filmed the catch and release for Matt, a new found stranger and told him I would email it to him.
After struggling to find a way to write it down and knowing my memory would not lock in his email I gave him this blog address and told him I would snip the video together and link it here.

So dude named Matt.  Thanks for interrupting my slump with something interesting to do.
If you find this let me know and hopefully it will add to your memory of a nice fish and a good battle.

Some Guy Named Matt from Joshua Ott on Vimeo.

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