Everyone has their own method of getting ready for a fly fishing trip.  Hopefully yours isn’t the “Throw a bunch of crap in a bag and hope you have everything” method.  Although, I am sure the local shops will appreciate you having to stop over to make some ridiculous purchase.
I once met a guy who drove 3 hours to a stream with an empty rod case.  He stared at the stream with a dejected look.  Must have been a long ride home. 
I am haunted by…that guy’s face.
So, I pack methodically and with a bit of panic.  
As I type this post I am knocking on wood despite the awkward looks I am receiving from my wife.  Man, I hope I have everything when we get to Erie this weekend.  
The net is in the car.  
Boots, waders, rods and reels are downstairs waiting to be taken out.  
I will check everything 400 times between now and tomorrow night (we depart at 11:00).
It helps to make a list. 
Make a list and check it twice.
Keep your list in a journal so you can reference it next time you make the same trip.  

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  1. With as much preparation as I put into these trips, it seems like I always forget something. Or it feels like I do anyway. I have gone to the river, got my rod together and my waders on before realizing that my wading boots were still sitting in my fishing closet back at home. Luckily i was fishing a Local stream and not The Magalloway River in Maine.

    Rumor has it that one of our very own CRO team members likes to "forget" his boots just so he can show off his sexy legs. Guess which one…

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