Brotherhood: Fishing with Chad

This awesome brook trout was Chad’s first catch in the great state of Maine. 
Chad, a Boulder, CO native, flew all the way from Colorado for our annual trip to the far north east.  
Some people might think that is crazy considering Chad’s home state has enough incredible fish swimming in its waters.  But, as I am sure you know, fly fishing is about more than just catching fish.  We fish to experience the beauty of all things that surround the throw of our line.  This includes the brotherhood we have with those who share the water with us.  Chad and I are great friends from college.  He is one of those guys you just know will always have your back, even if a lot of earth stands between you.
This catch and release was the result of so much more than just a good drift.  It stands out in my memory as the first of many fish Chad and I caught together on some of my favorite waters.
Do you have a memory like that?  Do you have an incredible catch that stands out in your memory because it was shared with a friend, a brother, sister or a parent?  I hope you do, because those memories are some of the best.

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