CRUSHED REVIEW: Buff with Insect Shield

*We crush gear and then review it.
We fish black fly territory and these things will literally eat your face off. My father needed to borrow a fly one afternoon and hopped down to my spot to grab a few.  I screamed when I saw the blood trickling down his face.  Twenty or more black flies looked like they were trying to eat a hole through his skull.   
We take bug protection very seriously.  
The CRO Team member in the picture above invested in a very pricey bug repelling machine.  The kind you clip on your belt.  It promised to keep all mosquitoes, black flies and other pesky critters far away allowing you to enjoy the outdoors free of insects.  FAIL.

I on the other hand bought a BUFF with Insect Shield. Found here:
I wore it for 2 years in black fly infested territory and found that I didn’t even have to use my 100% Deet bug spray (at least not on my neck or lower face.) Saving years of my life.
Pick one up and save your face.

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