First Steelhead Trip for Mike

We love to help other people experience fly fishing.  For that reason we are so often found encouraging fishermen and women to put down their spinning set ups and pick up a fly rod.  It isn’t because we are elitists.  Elitists suck.  We aren’t judgmental or condescending like some of the creaky stiffs out there.  We simply love fly fishing and love watching others fall in love with fly fishing as well.  
This was Mike’s first year with a fly rod.  He moved back into our area this summer (after most of the really good fishing was slowing down) and decided he was going to throw fly line.  Mike picked it up fast and in no time at all was catching fish. 
This past November Mike picked up his second fly fishing set up and headed to Erie with us for a shot at some steelhead.  In spite of water conditions that sent most people home skunked, Mike landed his first steelhead…on his first day.  After breaking off enough fish to make Santa Claus cuss he rounded off the trip well with the fish on this post. 

If you have been thinking about getting into fly fishing don’t be intimidated by all the gear.  With a little patience and a desire to learn how to do it properly you will be landing fish in no time.  Of course, we are always here to help.  
Our beginner fly fishing page is a great place to start.
Also, feel free to email us with your questions at 

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