Loon Outdoors UV Fly Tying Kit – $89.95 – This stuff is the best stuff out there in my opinion.  

Scissors – Who doesn’t need scissors.  If the person you are shopping for puts any kind of mileage on his vice at all the thing he is going to need more often than anything else is a fresh pair of scissors.  I recoment Montana Fly Co.’s Wide-Loop Japanese Steel Scissors.   

More Scissors – Did I mention I may have an unhealthy preoccupation with scissors.  Your tier will also need the Wiss Quick Clip for speedy tying sessions.  This nifty single hand operating scissor can be found all over the place.  It runs from about $5.00 to $20.00 depending on where you are shopping.

Dyna-King Hook Dispenser – $20 – Its a magnetic bowl.  You put hooks in it. It keeps you from spilling hooks all over the floor.  If you have kids or a wife…this is a priceless gift. 

Bill’s Bench Top SlabFeather-Craft Fly Fishing – $15.00 It protects your table or desk but better yet it is white and helps you see everything better.  Which is great when your eyes start to burn out after a long tying session.

Mini Test Clip Adapters – $3.50 for 2 at Radio Shack.  They can be found else where online.  These little things can be used to create great displays for your tier’s work of art. If he is into the artistic side or like to take pictures of his imitation bugs then pick some of these little stocking stuffers up.

Hard Head – Also by Loon Outdoors (What can I say they are crushing it right now.) This stuff comes in some fun colors and will jack your extreme creative fly tying juices through the roof.

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