TOP 10 Signs Your Fishing Buddy Sucks

(and sisterhood!)  

That tool looking all smooth in the photo above is CRO Fly co-founder Luke Ott.  We fish together all the time.  He is my brother, friend and fishing partner.  My favorite thing about the CRO Crew is that we all are friends and we look forward to fishing with each other.  Wolfgang would give me the fly off his tippet.  Luke is always there to help net a fish or run upstream to take some ridiculous photos.  Radcock would give you the shirt off his back… except he is never wearing a shirt.  And I…well I am always so busy catching fish…but don’t worry I let the other guys look at them before I put them back.  

The people we fish with have the ability to add a lot to our day.  
So pick fishing partners that will enhance your experience but more importantly:
Fish with people with whom you can develop life long friendships.
To help you weed out the slackers here are the 
(all of the he(s) can be replaced with she(s)).

10.  He heckles you when you lose a fish or get tangled.
9.  He doesn’t share flies even though you have given him hundreds.
8.  He races to get his waders on first so he can beat you to the best spot.
7.  You always have to drive and he never pays for gas.
6.  You catch him digging through your fly boxes without asking.
5. He won’t shut up about how awesome he is.
4.  He constantly is bragging about his fishing “outfit.”
3.  When you ask what the fish are taking he says “pink wooly buggers.”
2.  His idea of fly tying is drinking beer and waking up your kids while you tie flies he will later steal.
1.  He is just generally an A$$%@le.

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