Winter Fishing Tip: Portable Blind Heater


There have been times winter fishing when I have thought there was the possibility that I might lose a finger or toe to freezing temperatures.  We always practice catch and release and dipping your hands into freezing water to safely send a fish on its way can get cold fast.  When we travel to spots that we know we will be at for an extended period of time we carry in a blind heater.  These little heaters are about as portable as they come.  They heat up fast and use small propane canisters as fuel.  More than once these blind heaters have saved my fingertips.  They are designed for duck hunters freezing their fingertips off in boat blinds on cold January mornings and are relatively safe and easy to use.  Obviously if you stick a shoelace in the heater or shove it into a bush it will catch something on fire.    Use your brain.  We use the Cabela’s (I prefer to promote products from local fly shops run by local people but in this case I will break that general rule) Quiet Blind Heater/Cooker.  Yes you can cook a can of soup (or warm your coffee) on the thing as well. 

*Note: Check local laws to make sure you are in legal boundaries and use common sense.  We will not be held responsible for your stupidity by starting a fire or burning yourself.  USE WITH CAUTION.

*Note: If you are a local shop owner and have options like this available please comment below so we can drive traffic to you.

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