We have always been about creating a place where fly fishing is for the people.  Whether you have yet to set foot in a stream or have been a fly fishing guide since before waders were invented, we consider you, our readers, a part of the CRO community.  That’s why we celebrate your big wins with the NAMEABLE FISH PAGE.  It is why we share our photos and your photos in #FISHPORN posts.  It is why we tell the stories of your greatest catches in WHITE WHALE posts.  It is why this isn’t just about us.  It is why we consider you, our reader, a part of the CRO.  So when Luke came up with the art work below it made perfect sense to put it on the first shirts that we would make available to the public.   
We put “CRO FLIES CREW” on the front of the shirt because you are the CRO CREW.  We put the CRO TROUT on the back because…well because it is a MURDER – the collective noun for a group of crows (or in our case CROs).
Be a part of something that represents the catch.release.repeat lifestyle.  
Purchase these fresh shirts on our Shirt Page.

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