Customize It: The Zipper Adjustment

I like to buy things and then customize them.  Maybe it is some weird subconscious way that I mark my territory, or gear.  It’s better than taking a leak on all my new stuff.   I may be crazy but I really like to find ways to make my gear my own, and while I am doing that I try to add to its functionality.  I had a problem with this Simms pack.  Its a great pack and I love fishing with it but I kept struggling with the zippers.  When you are standing in swift current hoping your fly boxes don’t float out of your half opened pockets, something has got to change.  To top it off I ripped off two of the fancy Simms zipper strings (I have no idea what they are really called).  The next day I pulled them all off and took some decoy string and made my own zipper pulls.  These are made out of Tanglefree PVC Decoy Chord. I looped them through and tied the ends together in two knots.  They are longer and the space between the two knots make them easy for me to find and pull open or shut.
The main point is this:
Don’t be afraid to mess with your gear.  Make it yours. Who knows maybe you will even be able to improve on something created by some of the best minds in the business.

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