Doing it Dirty

Lets face it from time to time one gets thirsty out at their favorite stream or backyard spot.  Ben Franklin once said that “River Soda is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”….or something like that.  When one decides to fish with a “River Soda” or two we at The CRO call this “Doing it Dirty.”

Warning – do not break any laws.  “River Sodas” can be dangerous especially when wading.  Always enjoy “river sodas” responsibly. Don’t drink “River Sodas” and drive.

For those of you who choose to enjoy a “River Soda” in a bottle, here is a cool little tool that you might find handy.  It is a German made Hermetus Bottle Opener and Re-sealer  For about 9 bucks you can add this tool to your refreshment arsenal. Here is a link.

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