Happy Birthday to the Man himself… Josh

Happy Birthday to the one and only CRO Flies, Josh Ott! He is an awesome friend/brother and great guy to be around. He can easily make even the worse fishing trip a fantastic time and an outing not to be forgotten. One particular fish that sticks out in my mind was a 28″ rainbow that he easily brought in on 7x tippet on a size 42 midge. Josh landed this fish, removed the hook and took 15 pictures all in just 3 seconds. He is known for his “Dirty” wading jacket which makes him completely invisible to all fish as pictured above. Its also known that the longer he lets his facial hair grow, the bigger the fish he catches, so he tends to keep it trimmed not to show his friends up. On a serious note, this guy is a great fisherman, could tie a wedding cake if you asked him, a wealth of knowledge, and once again a true friend… Happy Birthday Josh!

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