Happy New Year

This year at CRO Flies has been an incredible year of adventure both on the stream and off the stream. Thanks for sharing this year with us and for making THE CRO what it is.  We aren’t pretentious people,  just humble fly fisherman sharing our journey with you.  We have always stood for certain things like: no kill fishing, clean streams,  protecting our natural resources and helping others do the same.  Those four are sweet but they are, thankfully, not unique to our group.  Hopefully you have picked up on some of the other things we believe in as well.  We believe fly fishing should be accessible to everyone.  We believe anyone can learn to fly fish.  We believe the elitists should not have a voice louder than the average fisherman.  We believe in sharing the few things we have learned along the way.  We believe that fly fishing can actually help us heal, grow, and live.  Crazy?  Maybe…maybe not. Have you ever felt clarity while standing in a stream? Have you ever felt peaceful drifting a cast?  We also believe that “The CRO” is about you not just about us.  That’s how our namesake would have wanted it to be. If you are new to CRO FLIES here is a little post called “What is CRO Flies?” Check it out.
We look forward to sharing our journey in 2013 with you and we hope you will share your journey with us and with others.
In the mean time don’t freeze your fingers off or fall in a stream.

Thanks on behalf of CRO Flies,


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