Impaired River

The PA Fish and Boat Commission wants to have 100 miles of the Susquehanna River designated impaired.   This would give the state 2 years to provide a strategy to fix the problem(s) that are causing this incredible fishery harm. The DEP admits that there definitely issues affecting smallmouth bass in this water, but they also say none of it is related to the water quality of the river and that more studies are needed.  What I don’t understand about this statement is the apparent contradiction of it.  How can you emphatically say water pollution isn’t harming the fish on one hand and then say more tests are needed on the other.  Really the state is avoiding the inevitable to protect their cash flow while the river’s ecosystem declines.  Placing the river in the impaired list would do nothing but good and seems like a no brainer.   Anyone who has fished the river will tell you that smallmouth are in big trouble.  Yesterday the DEP shot down the PA Fish and Boat Commissions request.  Meanwhile small mouth bass keep coming out with horrific black spots.  This condition is not unique to the smallmouth of the Susquehanna and is generally regarded as a harmless skin condition.  The point is the state doesn’t care, and the fish commission does.  Its a shame politics and money will likely ruin this once great fishery.  Many say it already has been ruined.

PA Fish and Boat Commission Photo

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