Sometimes it isn’t the size that matters.

That’s what she said jokes ensue….

CRO’s Luke and Bobby needed to stand in a stream this weekend and a longer trip to Erie or even Spring Creek was simply out of the question.  Nobody had enough time to spend hours sitting in a truck this weekend.  I admit that I was a bit salty knowing I was stuck on dry land. Time is thin right now in my world.  Work, family, tying and other CRO obligations have kept me running long hours.  For Bobby and Luke it wasn’t about catching a monster for the next #fishporn post.  It wasn’t about landing a nameable fish (although I am sure the AOTY and his partner wouldn’t have complained), it was about fly fishing.  I think sometimes when we get lost in the act of fly fishing we are enjoying our sport in its purest form.  Go fish.  Enjoy standing in the water.  Enjoy throwing casts around and if you catch a fish awesome.  The catch isn’t the only thing that matters.

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