Steelhead are Carnivores

If you have spent anytime at all fishing for steelhead in the Great Lakes region this post might be ridiculously redundant.  On the other hand if you are thinking about making your first trip, I can’t think of anything better to tell you.  Take egg patterns and nymph with them.  (These are all of the egg patterns we have ever found we needed.)

Steelhead love to eat eggs.  These carnivorous torpedoes of fish flesh will gobble down almost any eggs floating by.  They are keyed in on these because much of their life in the tribs revolves around these eggs.  They run consumed with their instinctual desire to procreate.  Which means, every female is filling up with and dropping eggs.  A spawning female steelhead will carry 2,000 eggs per every 2.2 lbs it weighs (there is an awesome and long article on steelhead here with references for your further reading).  If you catch a 8 pound steelhead…that’s a lot of eggs.  Late February and early March is a great time to hit up some tribs.  If you need advice on how to get your feet wet chasing steelhead feel free to email us with your questions at

We know some cool people/guides so if you are nervous about freelance fishing on your first trip let us know and we can tell you who to call.

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