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*See Update Below.

So in today’s news: Yesterday we posted an article about the Queen, a guy named Gordon, and a Black Tie event none of you probably care about (assumption made in light of our Google audience statistics).  
You re-tweeted it and the views jumped fast.  
Thanks for that.  It is really good to see so many of you passionate about the culture of fly fishing.  The England Daily (tweet/blog) online paper, featured and linked our post.  That made no sense to me.  I put a picture of the Queen with two dogs wearing crowns on the post and rejected the idea that a letter from her should be a part of our culture.  This morning we received a comment from the author of the article I took issue with.  His name is Phil Monohan.  Here is the comment: 

Hey Otter,The statement that you quote from the American Angler article wasn’t meant as a shot at anyone. I apologize if you read it that way, for that certainly wasn’t the intent. In fact, I thought I was making the same point you are here: that, while we press forward into exploring new worlds of fly fishing and sometimes bucking tradition, we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. BTW, I wrote both the AA article and the one on (of which I am the editor). ‘Twas also I who picked your killer video from Maine for the F5 ( ). I am a huge fan of the region and have made annual pilgrimages to Upper and Middle Dams since the early 90s. Keep up the good work.Phil 

I thought I had done some sweet research boosting Gordon’s article on a stream restoration project in which he celebrates the youth movement and encourages change, but apparently the research joke is on me.  Phil wrote both the article from Orvis News and the article from American Angler.  I still like the Orvis News article better Phil, but yes I am the jerk who pitted your two articles against each other, highlighting the changing of a few words.  
Truth is I love Phil’s work.  Orvis News is probably the best online publication in regards to Fly Fishing.  Its the blog of the Orvis company and Phil is the editor.  I read it a lot.  Truth also is that I love American Angler. In a world where print is fading they do an incredible job writing relevant articles.  Blogs are the best place to check out sweet fly fishing stuff but if your internet is down or your not comfortable taking your laptop into the bathroom, American Angler is a good choice.  They usually post some pretty sick pictures as well.  Of course they are both mainstream, we are more like killer tribs with monster brown trout lurking around every corner.  My suggestion is, hit the tribs then fish around in the mainstream.

Thanks for handling this misunderstanding with grace Phil and thanks for calling our video, “killer.” 
Apparently we need more guys like Phil, who influence (on a much larger scale) the culture we love so much.
Check out Phils best work (in my humble opinion) here! 

* Update.  Here is Phil’s Orvis Profile.  Seems like a good guy.

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