The Godfather: BOSS

Lee Wulff is considered by almost everyone to be one of the first proponents for catch and release fishing.  He actually wrote the book on it in 1939.  It is called: Handbook of Freshwater Fishing.
We, here at THE CRO,  call him The Godfather.  That is because he paved the way for almost everything we stand for.
He was born in Alaska.
Caught his first fish around two with a needle and some bacon.
One time he ran out of flies and started tying them with only his bare hands and some materials.  
He was an artist who gave up a lucrative job in media to follow his passion.
He established cabins like the one below in the wilderness while chasing salmon to remote places of Newfoundland.

(click the picture for more info)

He designed and manufactured what is thought to be the first fly vest.
He founded the Federation of Fly Fishers.
If that doesn’t say boss, I don’t know what will.

From time to time we will highlight some of the incredible stories and insights given to us by The Godfather.
Almost everyone has one of his flies in their box and you can check out gear from Joan and His company.  Just click the Royal Wulff bellow.

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