Tight Lines & Tattoos

We all long for Tight Lines while we are standing in the stream doing what we do, but I have fallen in love with a different kind of “Tight Line”… tattoos.  I have always enjoyed tattoos and over the years, just like fly-fishing, tattoos have evloved into another passion of mine.

East River Tattoo

Duke Riley. East River Tattoo (2006)

Duke Riley and the rest of his crew at East River Tattoo in Brooklyn are known for their tight lines.  The artists work in a variety of styles but are heavily influenced by Maritime Folk Art, Woodcuts, Engravings and Scrimshaw.

You can learn a lot more about this shop and many others in the book, Forever: The New Tattoo.  East River Tattoo is featured in this awesome piece of literature that takes a look into the new underground world of tattoos!  For a more in depth review of this book, Click Here!

I’ve had the privilege of getting work done by Sue Jeiven (Death’s Head Moth) and most recently, Liam Sparkes (Royal Wulff Fly & Trout Illustration).  I’m sure it wont be long before I get back into their seat.

To learn more about East River Tattoo and some of the artists click on the following links:
East River Tattoo
Duke Riley
Liam Sparkes
Sue Jeiven

Duke Riley.  The U-Line, MTA Arts For Transit commisioned ArtCard poster (2011)

 -Tight Lines (on and off the water)-

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