TOP TEN: Reasons We Tie.

If you are a tier it is probably because there is nothing more satisfying than catching a fish with a fly you tied. Either that or you are a bug artist.  If you don’t tie flies check this post out: Tie Your Own Stinking Flies.  While working myself through a tying session tonight I came up with a couple other (less known) reasons we tie.
Here are the top ten!
10.  Because we like the taste of dubbing made from animal hair. (mmmm possum)

9. Because nothing says stud muffin like doing what your wife calls “crafting” every night when the kids go to bed.

8.  Because getting our fingers unglued from each other is a challenge we gladly accept.

7.  Because searching for a lost size #22 hook in the carpet of our living room floor is what we want to be doing until 2:00 in the morning.

6.   Because all of our friends would be broke without being able to take free flies from us when we aren’t looking.

5. Because glue spills leave a nice glossy finish on dining room tables.

4.  Because we didn’t have enough stuff to buy to satisfy our endless addiction to the gear surrounding our passion.

3.  Because “droppin’ your bobbin” sounds sexy.

2.  Because our eyes need the exercise.

and the number one reason…

1.  Because we can tie flies for our streams better than people can in factories a world away.

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