White Whale: Allen’s Bow

 “It is thou, thou, that madly seekest him.”
White Whale Posts will tell the stories of our readers’ white whales: the fish that test you, the catches that push your limits, the chases that drive you mad.

Allen’s 24″ Bow

This picture is property of Allen Gardner – Click it for a better view.

Allen Gardner landed this beautiful 24″ rainbow on a lake in the middle of nowhere, Montana.  No, the middle of nowhere is not a town in Montana- it is how far Allen went in chase of his “White Whale.”  There is something to be said for the tranquility of fishing far off places.  There is something more to be said for finding a remote place no one knows about and then having that place hold such incredible (and huge might I add) creatures that one could drive themselves mad in  chase of them.  After test by trial one late summer day, Allen finally narrowed down the rig he thought would deliver this whale.  With a lot of weight, a small fly, stealthy cast and slow strip Allen had this fish, hook in mouth.  Five minutes of fight and some incredible pictures and it was all over; the fish went back in the water and Allen had accomplished something many people dream of.  Congrats Allen on landing your “white whale.”

Allen Gardner is the owner of the website, The Catch and The Hatch, a site dedicated to providing comprehensive resources to Fly Fishing in Colorado and has a ton of resources to help you find new adventures and success when fly fishing in Colorado.
 You can visit his site here – The Catch and The Hatch

Let’s hear about your white whale… send us pics and a brief story and we will post it on the blog! 

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