It was a crazy month here at the CRO:

Our Friend Mike Slept Through Most Of It.

We dropped this video on you yesterday…a little Friday Awesomeness.
Nothing Like running into a penis head on the water.  (My advice – don’t run into a penis head.)
We printed awesome shirts and sold them. We have 1 Large shirt and a couple XXL from our first print left.  Get yours now (although we will be restocking in the next couple of weeks!)

Big EVENT for our PA people.

I also dropped the best video I have ever seen on Youtube on you all.

Luke broke into the posting world with a sweet post about tight lines and tattoos.

I announced to the world the TOP TEN reasons we tie.
and so much more. 

It was a record setting month blowing the views stat through the roof because you people are awesome. Did I mention we almost sold out of shirts immediately.

We would love to post your stories.  Have awesome pictures of a fish?  We will post your fish, tell everyone who you are and advertise your blog or website all in one awesome #fishporn post.  Or do you have a White Whale Story? (Moby Dick reference) We would love to tell the tale. 

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