CRUSHED REVIEW: Simms Windstopper Foldover Mitt

These gloves are definitely tough enough for cold temps and poor conditions when you are fishing. Recently, mine experienced 16 degree F, snow, sleet and rain all in the same day, and they could not have performed better. The elastic bands on the wrist and thumb easily hold back the mitt or thumb cover when they are not needed. In addition, located near the wrist is a compartment for hand warmers, but I found it very effective to just put hand warmers in the mitt section of the glove. If the gloves did get wet, it did not take long and the glove felt dry… such a great product, I would definitely recommend a set. The gloves retail for $49.99-$59.99 depending on where you buy them. If your hands get cold like mine, it is totally worth it.

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