Fly Fish More: It Is Good For You

Anatomy of the Heart, by
Luke Ott (2011) 
Fly Fishing is good for you.  Tell that to your significant other next time you are caught sneaking out of the house with your waders on.  

You know it is true.  Fly fishing provides us with a very cool way to exercise.  You probably have never even thought of it as exercise and that’s a good thing, because exercise doesn’t come close to encompassing all that fly fishing is.  Fly fishing provides us with much more.  We can get lost in peaceful surroundings.  We can be absorbed by the rhythmic flow of the waters we stand in.  We can reflect without distraction.  We can feel the very pull of nature itself.  We can see beauty few others get to see.  I have stepped in streams and literally felt tension leave my body.  Fly fishing is my plan for stress relief.  So it is no surprise when the medical community tell us it lowers our blood pressure and lightens the load of stress.  Whether you care about all this or not you should care about the point.  The point is to fly fish more.  (Or – Start Fly Fishing)

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