I Failed Trip Prep 101

Maybe you remember Josh’s Post: Trip Prep 101

Well I can definitely use some remediation in that class!  I spent last night neurotically packing my bags and getting all of my gear together in preparation for today’s trip to the F3T in State College, and for some steelheading in Erie.  My preparation consists of laying everything out, going through supplies, arranging and rearranging fly boxes, laying out clothes, packing, unpacking and packing again.  Its insane… well, at the very least I feel insane.

After going through my process, to the point that I was comfortable to load the car and try to sleep,  I had thought that I had done a great job.  There is no way I could have forgotten anything!  Well… to occupy my mind while I anxiously anticipate the end of the work day, I was running back through my lists and packing in my head.  Here is a list of things that I managed to forget:

Clearly, some very important items on that list… not sure if I have time to run home for some last second packing before I have to pick up the President!  Hope he’s not too mad!

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