Our Namesake: Caleb Randolph Ott


Five years ago tomorrow, my fishing buddy Caleb was killed in a car accident.  I remember the confusion, the anger, and the helplessness as if it was yesterday.  It was and still is a nightmare… the only reason I’m surviving this nightmare is because of my family, friends and fishing.

Caleb was my closest friend, and an awesome fishing buddy.  If you found one of us on a stream chances are the other wasn’t far.  Our love for fishing is why we grew so close, so it is no surprise that it sucks to be out of the water these days.  The thing I love the most about fly fishing is its healing qualities.  The second I set foot in water, a calmness comes over me.  All stress and anxiety vacates my body.  I feel closest to Caleb when I’m standing in some water.  

Caleb is a Son, a Brother, an Uncle, a, Nephew, a Cousin.  He is the most caring, sensitive, tough and fun person to be around.  He is also a maniac!  He had a knack for wrecking his motorcycle, getting in and out of trouble, getting knocked down and getting back up.  Heck!  I saw him take a baseball bat to the face and, 11 stitches later, walk it off.  He was a lot of fun and it somehow was contagious to everyone around him.

Hopefully, we here at the CRO continue to live like Caleb lived!  Hopefully we make the most of what we have and our love for this sport is contagious to those around us.

I love and miss you little brother!

Tight Lines!

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