State College Fly Fishing Film Tour

February 21st, 7:00 PM – Look for us. Our tickets are bought. Well, Luke won a pair of tickets from Brent at Uprising so he is rolling on a free ride.  Thanks Brent…too bad Luke doesn’t know how to share.  (Did you see the #fishporn post featuring Brent? You should check it out.)
We will be hanging out at the show and then finding a place to sleep before hitting a stream on Friday.   I can’t wait to stand in a stream.  It has been way too long.  I feel off balance and might be going crazy.  A stream will fix that.  The Film Tour on Thursday night will be awesome so you should definitely check it out if you can break away.  It is also a great event to take someone just getting started.  If you are going to the State College Fly Fishing Film Tour let us know we would love to bump into you.
Click the picture to go to the F3T page and buy your ticket.

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