This Awesome Dude Sent Us Flies to Test

Dean Myers send us some of his new fly designs to try out.  I will not disclose the exact flies Dean Myers sent to us… at this time…because they are that awesome and I don’t know if anyone else has seen these things yet.  These are some top secret lip pinners (IMO).  Ok, they may not be top secret but they are some fairly new ties by Dean who won the the Grand Prize at the national fly-tying contest sponsored by Feather-Craft Fly Fishing in 2011 for this… 

The Chain Gang Stonefly by Dean Myers
This fly has been featured everywhere.  
I had heard about Dean through the Feather Craft catalog which is a catalog that has a large selection of tying materials, flies and gear.  You can order his flies here, and you can check out his blog here.
Dean is one of our awesome connections through twitter and he sent us some flies to river test. One of those flies has yet to be fished…anywhere.
I will say this, without even testing this new (top secret) fly: On one of our favorite streams it will most likely bump one of our top two patterns.  The guy has a gift.
We look forward to sending Dean some sweet pics of his flies pinned in the lips of some fish.

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