TOP TEN: Signs it’s been to long since you fished

I like to blog but it sucks compared to fishing.
I love to tie flies, work on fly fishing related media, write creative posts about fly fishing and print fly fishing shirts.  It occupies my mind when I cannot stand in a stream.  But it doesn’t really work.  Nothing compares to the experience of fly fishing and the pull of some incredible fish.
Hence, today’s top ten signs it has been to long since you were fly fishing.

10.  You day dream about the crappy orange motel room you stay at near one of your favorite streams.

9.  You miss the creepy check-in guy at said motel (the same guy you worry might murder you in your sleep when you are there.)

8.  You wife wonders why you are sitting in the tub wearing your waders.  You stumble to explain your checking for leaks. 

7.  You start tying dog treats to a kite string and double hall cast them at your dog.

6.  You surf your computers hard drive looking at every picture of every fish you ever caught.  You do this every night.

5.  You catch yourself staring  at the tap water because it just sounds good to hear water moving.

4.  Your wife elbows you awake in the middle of the night and tells you to stop yelling “fish on.”

3.  You have taken all the flies out of your fly boxes, reorganized, and put them all back twice in the last week.

2.  You are telling people in work meetings to “mend their drift,” every time they start to get out of line.

1.  Your kids are sick and tired of going to bed listening to your fish stories.

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