Your Friendly Erie Uncle Lets You Peek…

Ok, that might have been the creepiest title of a post to date.

And now I am handing you a cheat sheet because we like to share.

This is for those of you who like to fish for steelhead in the Great Lakes region and have to drive to get there.  Sometimes you drive hours through the night solely depending on online reports (which are a great tool) and weathermen (ehhhhhhh) but now you can watch the flow of Elk Creek from your office chair, your couch,  or your mom’s basement.  
The cameras are an online courtesy of Uncle John’s Elk Creek Campground. Never stayed there, we have our own creepy place to stay in Erie, but I am grateful for the cameras.
Click the picture for the live feed.
Also we should all chip in to buy them some HD cameras.  I get so sick of the quality of these things.

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