Avoid the Opening Day Cluster

photo from lebanondailyrecord.com

*edit: number 6 added

This is a guide for those of you who may be starting to throw a fly rod and are planning on hitting the water on the opening day of trout.

1.  Start your season way before opening day.  Oops, too late, but now you know for next year to get your licence early in the new year and to start making one of the many regulated waters around you your winter wonderland.

2.  Avoid approved trout waters on opening day…unless you are into battle fishing everyone else who decided to kick things off with power bait, spinners and worms.  Although if you are just starting out it would be entertaining to see them ducking your wild casts.

3.  Find a wild trout stream to fish.  There is nothing like the beauty and fight of a wild trout.  In PA we have a number of streams that are no kill wild brown trout streams.  The fish on these waters are so rewarding and your purple/blue hazed cheeks and red spots and tail tips of the browns you catch will blow away all of your buddy’s stocked trout pictures being posted on facebook.

4.  If opening day is a tradition for your family or friends by all means continue the tradition.  What better way to celebrate the relationships you have to spend time on the water together, whatever that water may be.

5.  Have fun…always, and don’t be a jerk.

6.  Fish on stringers or dead fish make terrible pictures.  Pictures of fish being released are way cooler.  Here is proof.

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