CRAZY TIME: Review of Early March.

it’s a lifestyle

This was one crazy March here is some of what went down.  Hope you didn’t miss it but if you did you might want to check these posts out.

  • 5 year anniversary of our brother and namesake’s passing.  Luke wrote a sweet post in his honor.
  • The Tie One On Event was a huge success.  We met a ton of great people there and we have leftover Tie One On Shirts on the Shirt page.
  • We added some new merch in the form of a 4×7 inch sticker on the sticker page and another sweet color for the CRO SHIRT.  Which can be bought on the Shirt page.
  • We quite possibly recorded the funniest footage ever this month. Check it out here.  We are thinking about giving Randy (Dad for Luke and I) his own page!
  • And we posted what is quite possible the worst fishing video we have ever seen from “the trout ninja” who is “chumming for trout”, you will want to push him in the water after viewing it.  This tool inspired us to start a “Not Cool Dude of the Week post.”  So if you see anything deserving of tool status send it our way 

Also don’t forget the fishing is heating up and we want to see pics of your caught and released trout.  If you catch one over 20″ we will name it and put you and it on the Hog Johnson Family Page but it has to be released.  Which is rad for everyone.

We would also love to hear your White Whale Stories.  Click the link to find out more.
And if you are pumping out some great #fishporn we will post that too.

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